Where To Buy

Scams are everywhere for garcinia. We know it’s hard to find a place to buy it. Ads on Google show 4.5 star ratings for Amazon, but when you click through the product only has 3. It’s frustrating, we know. If you’re looking for a real review before purchasing garcinia, check out what we’ve said about the different brands over here.

Garcinia Jeans

If you want to buy from a secure place online that:

  • Has the exact product the studies said to use
  • Will not auto-bill you
  • Allows you to pay with PayPal for peace of mind
  • Educates you on what is inside their bottle

Then you need to try Vita-Web garcinia.

This is how their bottle appears:


They offer free shipping when you get the $50 spend which should last you a month. Plus if you really want to stick with Amazon to feel safe (although their site is safe enough), Vita-Web.com will be live on Amazon in just a little while.