Pure Garcinia Extract – Exposed


Who put the “pure” in “pure garcinia cambogia” extract? What does that even mean for product quality? Sure, it sounds nice but it is just like how “Federal Express” is not actually run by a federal government. Let’s step back and look at what pure should mean, and what to look for in a product to see it’s actually pure.

Pure should mean no fillers, artificial ingredients, food colors, etc. Even in some pharmacies and health supplement stores who carry garcinia, the products featured in brightly colored boxes often have these fillers and food coloring. It’s something you need to avoid (even the Dr. on TV said you should avoid it).

Bright flashy sales pages with bikini models who have never been overweight just want you to get a free bottle of garcinia so they can charge you an outrageous amounts before you have a chance to cancel. It’s all a big distraction. Focus on the key factors:

  • The amount of garcinia cambogia in each dosage (It should reach between 1000-3000 mg daily)
  • The percentage of HCA
  • The amount of pills in the bottle – more importantly how many days the bottle will last
  • No fillers, artificial ingredients, or GMOs

If you can find a brand that covers those key points, you need to stay away. There is only one brand that handles these properly, and that is Vita-Web. On top of providing the best in product safety the Vita-Web shopping cart is secured and PCI compliant so your credit card data isn’t stolen. You get confirmation emails. There is an option for free shipping. They have everything covered for you.

We recommend you buy garcinia cambogia here.
If you would rather buy through a large retailer, Amazon will also be carrying their product in the very near future.
The bottom line is simple: most brands are a scam. We’ve done the homework for you, and you can double check our work.