Weight Loss Miracles

A television “doctor” mentions garcinia cambogia extract on air without saying a single trusted brand name, and the scam companies flock to the new hot marketplace to rip off trusting customers. Who would have thought this could happen (again)? Holy Grail Supplements takes the work out of discovering the rip offs. We have seen a ton.


Pure Garcinia or Pure Scam?

Sometimes it’s both the garcinia extract product and the trick billing practices. Some garcinia products don’t even have correct spelling on the bottles, inaccurate amounts of garcinia, and the wrong amount of HCA (hydrochloric acid) which is supposed to be at 60% and is the key to getting results.

Trick billing? How so? It’s where you claim a “free bottle” – pay shipping for it, and then get auto-billed for your next month’s supply in 10 days, usually before the “free bottle” of garcinia ever shows up for the trial. Even if the bottle showed up the day you claimed it, you would likely not have time to try out the pills long enough to know they were good and have the ability to cancel the auto-billing.


Finding a Reputable Garicinia Cambogia Brand

The loud sales pages cover up awful products. Hundreds of 5 star Amazon reviews who have never left reviews before are indeed suspicious, so even going through a major retailer isn’t always the best option. Holy Grail Supplements recommends using Vita-Web.

Is Garcinia the Holy Grail?

Read our review to find out more about how effective it actually is. Saying all garcinia products are effective is not true. There are too many variances in each product, and it is absolutely critical to stick with the recommendations and what the studies show.